Illegal Substance Policy

Q. What are the Consequences for violation of the policy Disciplinary Procedure?
Staff in contravention of the Policy will be dealt with in accordance with Engine Health and Fitness standard Company Disciplinary Procedure.

Personal Trainers, Group Exercise Instructors and other tenants in contravention of this policy will be handled as follows: Any allegation or reasonable suspicion of selling or using illegal drugs received by Engine Health and Fitness will be investigated by calling the individual to an enquiry where they will have an opportunity to state their case.

Engine Health and Fitness may suspend the individual pending the enquiry and refuse access to the Club.

The enquiry will be held within 48 hours of receiving the allegations.

During the suspension period, if applicable, PTs, GEIs and other tenants must inform their clients that they will be unable to perform their duties until the suspension is lifted. Refusal by an individual to attend the enquiry may result in Engine Health and Fitness coming to a conclusion without considering that individual's side of the story.

At the enquiry no legal representation will be allowed and an informal procedure will be followed in the form of a discussion between Engine Health and Fitness representatives and the individual involved.

After the enquiry, Engine Health and Fitness may decide to re-instate the individual pending further investigation or dismiss or terminate the individual's contract if, in Engine Health and Fitness opinion, the individual is guilty of contravening the policy.

Engine Health and Fitness may request the individual to submit to a drug test. Should the individual refuse the drug test, Engine Health and Fitness may draw a negative inference from this and terminate the individual's contract.

If the drug test is positive, PTs, GEIs and tenants will have their contract terminated with immediate effect. Such an individual will be prohibited from ever working in a Engine Health and Fitness Club again.

In the event that repeated allegations are received by Engine Health and Fitness regarding the same individual, Engine Health and Fitness will be entitled to dismiss or terminate that individual's contract after the third allegation.

No victimization or disrespectful conduct towards Engine staff from the individual under investigation will be tolerated.

Q. What is Engine Health and Fitness position on Steroids and Illegal Substances?
Promoting the health and safety of our members will always be the most important consideration. Engine subscribes to a zero tolerance policy and does not condone the use or selling of any drugs, dependence producing and/or illegal substances which shall include (but not be limited to) anabolic steroids whether in the Club or on or round the Club property by staff, personal trainers or other tenants and whether or not in their private capacity.


Q. What clothing is required to be worn to the club?
Any light training gear that you feel comfortable in, i.e. shorts and t-shirt or vest, leotard and tights, etc. The priority is for you to be cool and comfortable - your body needs to be able to keep cool while exercising (hence the perspiring). Just remember to wear closed training shoes.

Q. Why can't I leave my personal belongings in the locker overnight?
In order to ensure that all our members, who train at various times throughout the day, enjoy easy access to a locker in which they can safeguard their belongings whilst training, each member must clear his/her locker after use. Lockers also need to be cleared for security and hygiene reasons and to facilitate daily cleaning.

Q. Why can't I wear Slops to train in?
For two reasons: Firstly, your own safety. Toes are far more susceptible to damage from an accident (i.e. falling weight plates) when wearing slops than when your feet are protected in a closed shoe. Secondly, to maintain hygiene standards for the benefit of all our members. A closed training shoe is the internationally accepted norm for footwear in facilities such as ours.

Q. Why is there a 20min Limit on the Cardio Vascular Equipment?
A 20-minute limit is the internationally accepted norm for limitations on cardio-vascular equipment usage in health clubs. The objective is to allow the opportunity for clubs to cater fairly for all our members at any given time. However, members wishing to participate in cardio-vascular exercise for more than 20 minutes may certainly move consecutively to other machines for further 20-minute sessions, thus achieving their training objective. This also encourages our members to make use of a variety of our world-class equipment.

First visit
Q. What do I wear to exercise in?
You should wear comfortable clothes and cross-trainers (no slops or open shoes should be worn).

Q. What should I bring along when I come to the gym?
You should always remember your access card, a small sweat towel and a water bottle (to replace lost fluids).

Q. Will someone show me how to use the Equipment?
There are always Fitness Staff on duty that are able to assist you in working the machines, simply ask a Receptionist to call one for you.

How To Contact Us


Q. Can I fill out an online contact us form?
Please feel free to complete the contact us page on the website (either click the link on this page, or alternatively click on the image at the bottom of the home page that says 'contact us' or select from the top menu, the menu item 'my club', followed by the 'Contact Us' link)

Q. How do I Phone Engine Health and Fitness if I have a general inquiry?
You can contact our Member Service Department  04 381 9999

Q. What is your email address for General/Membership/Club queries?
You can send an email directly to

New Memberships
Q. How do I pay for my membership?
Either by means of a monthly debit order, cheque, credit card, cash for the full amount, prepaid internet banking or electronic funds transfer (EFT).

Q. Is a person allowed to pay for their membership and then also be a payer for someone else's membership?

Q. What must I bring with me when I join up?
Your identity document (driver's license or passport will also do).

Q. Where can I collect my Engine Health and Fitness access card?
Collect this at any club that is convenient for you.

New To The Scene?
Q. If you're not yet an EHF member, this is your first stop?
If you're not yet an EHF member, this is your first stop So you're not yet a member of Engine Health and Fitness, or you cancelled your membership because you weren't using it? This is certainly the first place you should be stopping to see why you should be one of our members!

We want to help you change. We believe that with the right kind of exercise and the right kind of encouragement, you can look better, feel greater and live longer. And have fun while you're getting there. Engine is about health and well-being. We want everybody - young, old, big, small - to discover their own potential. Whatever the changes you may wish to make, we will help you make them and enrich your life.

If you've never been inside an Engine Health and Fitness, you don't know what you're missing. Why not take a tour and see for yourself.

Our facilities are world-class, and include, amongst others, cardiovascular equipment, toning circuits, free weights, swimming pools, indoor cycling studios, aerobic studios, squash courts and junior care facilities (view each clubs facilities - bearing in mind that each club is priced according to what facilities are on offer).

Our qualified Fitness staffs are there to help you achieve your fitness goals. Feel free to ask them about any of the equipment or for advice on what you should be doing. Certain Clubs also offer the services of Personal Trainers - chat to your Club General Manager to find out if you're Club does.

We look forward to seeing you in the Club!